Business Plan Contest Finale


Cash Awards
at MIT on Nov 12

3 Platinum Winners
1 Diamond Winner
6 Gold Winners

Finalist Startup Teams

Ricult aims to reinvent the agricultural supply chain for millions of farmers in developing countries through a mobile-based, Business-to-Customer supply platform. The team consists of interdisciplinary experts in agriculture, technology, and supply chain in developing countries, with 6 decades of combined work experience in top Technology (Google, Microsoft, Cisco), Agriculture (Cargill), Telecommunication (Telenor), and Consulting (Accenture) companies. With a  deep passion to make a difference in the life of smallholder farmers through mobile technology, Ricult is currently running a pilot with over 3000 smallholder farmers in Pakistan in addition to pending operations in Thailand and China in early 2017.
75 Degrees
75 Degrees is developing a smart vent system to simply replace the "dumb" vents with its wireless smart vents that are able to provide better comfort by regulating the air flows intelligently and increased efficiency by avoiding overheating or overcooling. 75 degrees is a small group of experts in smart living including smart grid PhD and smart building researcher at Harvard, Harvard EE professor, Ex R&D head of the mobile phone group of Huawei USA, and proven smart product entrepreneur from inception to selling millions in the US.

Based on IP developed by Dr. Quan Zhang - Director of Mass General Hospital Neuro System Group, We are introducing the first cuffless wearable blood pressure monitoring device that allows 24hr continuous BP monitoring at medical level accuracy in a home environment. Our device features remote monitoring with excellent portability and reliability. Our proprietary algorithm to collect data and interpret results will greatly assist medical decision in outpatient settings, where frequent misclassification and frustration appears due to current suboptimal 100-year-old cuff based technologies.
Lux Labs
Lux Labs is an advanced optical materials company which has invented the only material system that is able to control the direction of light using our nano-scale film. The patented technology will enhance displays of electronic devices, dynamically regulate the optics of vehicles and buildings, and improve the efficiency of LEDs and solar cells.

Aatonomy offers a robotics intelligence-as-a-service platform for the enterprise. Its first solution uses computer vision and machine learning to enable any drone to autonomously follow a person (or object) without using GPS or a beacon.
Vibronix is a medical device company working on imaging and sensor technologies for disease diagnosis and treatment. Vibronix has three core technologies in imaging, sensing and endoscopy solution, and has the vision of achieving automatic surgery in the future. The first application Vibronix focuses on is breast cancer. Vibronix develops a surgical guidance tool based on an optoacoustic guide and augmented reality (AR) methods, named as AcouStar, allowing the surgeon to virtually visualize the tumor with ~ mm accuracy and guiding precise tumor removal, saving surgical time and expense.

Giaran Inc.
Giaran Inc. is a Northeastern University spinoff and founded by serial entrepreneurs and world-renowned Artificial Intelligence expert. The company takes the big data mining principles of digital makeup visualization and provides real-time augmented reality displays using advanced machine learning and computer vision technologies. Giaran's most current prototype, the "Giaran Mirror," enables users to experience a highly realistic smart real-life makeup try-on in augmented reality.

Innovein, a Y Combinator and venture backed medical device company, working on innovative therapies for veins. It is developing a first of its kind valve replacement to offer patients their first definitive cure. Its novel award-winning technology is predicated on decades of cardiac and arterial approaches.

Kynplex is a platform for scientific communication around the world. Kynplex brings together science companies and institutions to publicize cutting-edge scientific advances on a central site. Currently there is no easy way to share or discover what is happening in fields like cancer or Alzheimer’s research. This information is scattered across thousands of publications, websites, and press releases. Kynplex enables companies and institutions to feature updates and form effective partnerships on a single platform.
Tekuma transforms residential properties into art galleries. It provides a unique amenity that promotes community engagement and creates a powerful sense of place to give a higher value for the property. Its platform connects property operators and their real estate with artists and their artworks. Tekuma increases revenue and competitiveness by enhancing resident’s experience, while providing an innovative sales and exposure channel for artists. It’s vision is to create the world’s largest gallery by enabling each individual to host an art gallery.